Original and Remedial Waterproofing in Sydney

Pacific Waterproofing is proud to be a real one stop shop for all your sealing, membrane, and general water protection needs. From rooftops to basements, we save our clients thousands by preventing water damage and safety hazards.

Good results come from knowing that not all jobs are the same, and that different areas will require separate techniques and products. At Pacific Waterproofing, we’re well versed in ensuring the right solutions are applied. We take into account all factors, from the nature and composition of the surface to the usage purpose, to ensure that long term protection is achieved.

Waterproofing Services for All Areas

We’ve completed a variety of different projects, including:

  • Carparks
    Carpark waterproofing in Sydney means taking into account factors like traffic levels, safety, vehicle damage risk and more. There are a variety of solutions available to keep both the carpark and its users safe and dry.
  • Balconies
    Have you ever passed an office or apartment building with unsightly brown or green stains underneath the balconies? Proper balcony waterproofing can prevent that as well as any water entry into the adjacent rooms. Let us get your building’s balconies sealed in tidily.
  • Rooftops
    Rooftop waterproofing is critical to keeping a building (and its contents) safe and dry, but you’d be surprised how many people forget it! Roof waterproofing is a critical step in any new building project, and can also be completed remedially. There are a variety of roof membrane options available to suit most surface types and purposes.
  • Other concrete areas
    As most building managers or owners will know, concrete exposed directly to water can suffer degradation quite quickly. Water flowing through cracks can cause leaching – minerals in the concrete can dissolve into water and be deposited elsewhere. Sea water in particular can cause corrosion, which is why concrete waterproofing is particularly essential for waterfront properties. We can provide a range of quick sealing and membrane options for efficient concrete waterproofing.

From Balcony to Carpark, Rooftop, Concrete & Remedial Waterproofing – We’re the Ones to Call

We can provide a range of quick sealing and membrane options for efficient concrete waterproofing. To see what we’ve done for satisfied clients across Sydney, explore our Case Studies, Testimonials and Projects pages. For more information or to arrange your no-obligation quote, please call 1300 220 261.

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External Wet Areas Waterproofing

Liquid and sheet membrane waterproofing systems can be applied to balconies, decks, flat roofs, car parks and planter boxes.

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Waterproofing of Below Ground Areas

Basements, retaining walls, retention tanks and lift pits require different membranes and systems.

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Building Facades

High rise can be accessed by abseil technicians.

Building Facades Photo

Expansion/Construction Joints

These joints are available in prefabricated or liquid sealant applications.

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Remedial Waterproofing

Remedial works form a large part of our business. We have leak locating equipment which is used to isolate the source of leaks which can then be repaired.

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